Add up to $110,000 per year,

per physician to your bottom line

What would you do with the extra revenue?

DISCOVER a world where medical notes are made simple. This is a world where you have time for the joys of life amid a fulfilling workload. This is the world where you are paid for what you earn and insurance coding is no longer a chore.


FOR DOCTORS, BY DOCTORS. As doctors, we understand what is needed to complete a top-level clinical note that serves the patient, correlates with other physicians and answers the demands of the medical insurance industry.


TIME SAVING USABILITY. With NotePro™, you can complete the medical note during your patient consultation with a few clicks. No typing or dictation is needed, unless you want to!

Proprietary linking per medical specialty greatly reduces the time needed to complete a note. Conservative time-saving estimates suggest you could save 10min per note. What would that mean to you, annually?


APPROPRIATE REIMBURSEMENT. With the entire database of existing complaints and codes already integrated, you can be assured that your note is coded to the highest level for optimal reimbursement.

We find that this improved coding can increase the bottomline of most practices by up to $110,000 per year, per physician, depending on your

current workflow.


HOW IT WORKS. NotePro™ is NOT EHR software. This is a Note or Chart-writing system that integrates with your current EHR software and can also operate without it. The note is exported as a pdf, saves to the patient record and is perfectly coded, ready to be submitted to the insurer/s.


HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? For less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day, NotePro™ can save you time and can optimize your reimbursement significantly. It's a no-brainer!


HOW CAN I SIGN UP? Simply contact us below for no-obligation personal demonstration. We help you determine if NotePro™ is a good fit for your practice. Find out for yourself what your time-savings and revenue increases will be.


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About US

NotePro™ is created for Doctors, by Doctors providing time-saving, comprehensive and individualized medical notes for ALL specialties. NotePro's  proprietary linking system dramatically improves the quality of the note, reduces Clinician time and maximizes revenue reimbursement.


NotePro™ saves Clinicians time, simplifies their note-making practices, links all aspects of patient care, provides a portable document that is Compatible with all EHR platforms and  automates insurance coding.

NotePro™ is the Medical Content Wizard!






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The Medical Content Wizard


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