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Specialty Specific Medical Notes

67% of Clinicians are dissatisfied with the manner in which they produce their patient medical notes. Clinicians should not have to adapt to the EMR, the EMR should adapt to the Clinician.

A group of physician specialists, frustrated with the required steps that only produce a mediocre note and lacks the ability to efficiently code the visit, knew there was a better way.

NotePro™ is written specifically for the benefit of the medical profession. NotePro™ is created in Clinician language and methodology to create a thorough, comprehensive medical note that, with its proprietary linking, allows the Clinician to also code ICD10, CPT & HCPCS to the highest level of specificity, optimizing revenue.


NotePro™ is NOT an EMR! It is an add-on interface that allows the Clinician to use the NotePro™ specialty-specific content with any EMR system.

NotePro™ offers the Clinician specialty specific Chief Complaints, HPI, PE, Plan, Orders and Education ~ along with our coding solution. There is no need to move from tab to tab. The Clinician stays in their NotePro™ area bringing a well documented and coded medical note into their existing EMR. Wow! This solution not only is compatible with existing EMRs but can be used universally. NotePro™ is available wherever and whenever the Clinician needs it.

The completed medical note, through an interface, becomes a permanent part of your patient’s medical record within your EMR system.


Key Specialties: Cardiology, Chiropractic, Circulatory, Dermatology, Internal Medicine, Orthopedics, Otolaryngology,  Pulmonology, Urology.

To be released soon: Gastroenterology, Neurology, OBGYN, Ophthalmology, Physical Therapy, Plastic Surgery, Workers Compensation, Wound Care.



Time Saving Usability for Clinicians

NotePro™ employs a one-touch, multi-choice interface that eliminates typing and dictation, while still providing intelligent, accurate, personal and patient-specific details.

NotePro’s proprietary system connects vital patient information including chief complaints, HPI, physical examination, medical data, and diagnosis to the billing and procedure codes. NotePro™ works “behind the scenes” and allows the Clinicians to get back to what they do best-taking care of patients and not computer screens.



Today’s technology, clinician ingenuity, and determination to find a superior process for medical documentation is the driving force behind NotePro’s ultimate medical content.  All of us in patient care desire an easy to use process that provides comprehensive medical information while performing the least amount of tasks to get it.


Meeting expectations is not our goal – Exceeding them is.

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universal EMR Reporting

This amazing new overlay that fits ANY EMR system is versatile and able to be used in any and all EMR.

NotePro™ brings together multiple areas of the patient care from the subjective to the diagnosis, plan, orders, even medications and durable medical equipment.

Our cutting edge, intelligent solution to the Clinician-Patient medical note provides a better product specific to the medical specialty.

Never go through new EMR implementations & training again. EMR upgrades will never again affect the Clinician’s productivity.



Time-saving One-touch Options


Coded for Maximum Insurance Reimbursement


Advanced Usability

Maximizing Insurance Reimbursement

NotePro™ allows clinicians to simplify the process within the current EMR, capturing all the documentation necessary for complete patient medical records. Documentation that can withstand the audit process, insurance review, and meet legal requirements.

The patient note is a powerful tool,  that when well-documented, captures a significant amount of vital information. The medical note is the driving force that allows all other elements of healthcare to take place:  quality patient care, various communication, treatment plans and reimbursement.

The specialty-specific billing and coding  knowledge behind NotePro™ eliminates the searching through ICD 10 codes for the proper level of CPT coding.


NotePro™ is designed for the Clinician to capture and link pertinent medical and billing information while simply creating the medical note.

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About US

NotePro™ is created for Doctors, by Doctors providing time-saving, comprehensive and individualized medical notes for ALL specialties. NotePro's  proprietary linking system dramatically improves the quality of the note, reduces Clinician time and maximizes revenue reimbursement.


NotePro™ saves Clinicians time, simplifies their note-making practices, links all aspects of patient care, provides a portable document that is Compatible with all EHR platforms and  automates insurance coding.

NotePro™ is the Medical Content Wizard!






Internal Medicine











Physical Therapy

Plastic Surgery

Workers Compensation

Wound Care

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